Неймовірне перевтілення дівчини лише за один рік

    Тутка знайомить вас з Дженніфер Гінлі (Jennifer Ginley) з Ліверпуля — на її Instagram підписані понад 165 тис. осіб, яких вона надихає день за днем. Чому? Вся справа в тому, що всього за рік їй вдалося виконати колосальну роботу над собою — цим важко не захопитися.


Коли Дженніфер зрозуміла, що її молодий чоловік ось-ось зробить їй пропозицію руки і серця, вона… заборонила йому це робити, тому що була незадоволена своїм тілом і не хотіла бути «товстою нареченою».

HAPPY DECEMBER! I thought I would kick it off with a #transformationpicture ❤️ Left – a couple of years ago on Christmas Eve 😟 Right – last Sunday 😊 Size 24/26 to an 8/10 all in one year. I have finally DONE it. It was literally the battle of my life. I could never understand why food controlled me! Why could I not refuse it or change?! My mentality let me down. I lived years of the viscous cycle; extreme diet or alllll the food. 😥 14 GCSE's, 5 A A level's, a joint honours law degree, a successful career – NO problem! Control what I put in my gob – THE problem of my life. It seemed absolutely impossible and was literally my destroyer. At 25 years old I knew I had to change or I would spent the rest of my life overweight. It brought me to tears too often. I wasn't depressed, I had a great life otherwise, when alone or looking in the mirror I just genuinely thought why? Why am I doing this to myself?! It is ONLY food. But it's not only food when you're basically addicted, when you're so mentally and emotionally reliant on food, when you think bad food makes you feel good. Now I know it IS only food, it's not magic. That took A LOT of work to believe that. If you LOVE food you'll always have those little mental battles. You CAN change and win those battles the majority of your days. ❤️ I hate when slim people say it's simple; eat less, move more, 3 healthy meals a day blahblah. That is SO patronising and frustrating. Completely rewiring your mind and changing your habits is the furthest from simple you can get. I joined @slimmingworld for the FOURTH time 6 stone heavier than the 1st time I joined. I was embarrassed, upset, frustrated but also motivated. Time doesn't wait for nobody. Procrastination has no place in your life regarding your health and happiness. You won't see the end for a very long time. Did I join last May and think I'd be a size 8 and weigh half my start weight?! NO! That would have sounded like nonsense to the old me. I promise you with all my heart you are capable, fight the old you in your mind every single day, make new habits. Your dream life is waiting for you. Remember willpower is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets ❣

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Тоді дівчина важила більше 120 кг. До того ж повернувшись з їх відпустки і побачивши свої фотографії, вона зрозуміла, що так тривати більше не може. Дженніфер вдалося домогтися приголомшливих результатів: трохи більше ніж за рік вона скинула половину своєї ваги!

Відмовившись від шкідливої їжі, Джен вступила в групу «Худне світ» (Slimming world’s), де люди допомагають один одному в боротьбі із зайвою вагою, а також стала публікувати у своєму блозі фотографії смачної і корисної їжі. «Це найкраще, що я могла зробити, щоб отримати мотивацію схуднути. Все дуже тепло зі мною спілкувалися і підтримували в моєму бажанні».

#transformationtuesday Left – January 2015 feeling so uncomfortable and unhappy. A few pounds away from my heaviest weight, four months before joining @slimmingworld 😞 Right – August 2016 feeling so comfortable and happy in my own skin, confident ahead of walking down the aisle as my best friend's bridesmaid 👸 🔹 The physical change feels crazy, I sometimes double take at my own reflection, my mind still hasn't caught up! BUT the biggest change is my MIND! I now actually believe myself when I say 'I will…..'. I've never been so proud of myself, I could literally write a book on my weight loss attempts. I got to the point where food had to be ruled out, in my mind that was the only logic, I had no control!! What do you think I done after Cambridge weight plan, lighterlife and celebrity slim? Binged and gained more weight! THAT is not normality and it was reinforcing my belief that I had NO control. Forget DIETS, join SW and food optimise your way to a strong mind and health boy! 💫 🔹 SW is a revelation and it made me trust myself with food. There were times I genuinely thought I'd never be capable, I hated my false promises of starting a diet every Monday, much more than I hated how I looked. 😥 🔹 Plus I spent one year socialising all whilst gaining this new me! I didn't become happy once I reached target, I became happier with every single day of my journey. It doesn't happen overnight, it takes time to go from self destruction mode to WILLPOWER of steel but you CAN DO IT! Seriously if you knew the old me you'd believe me when I told you if I can anyone can. I'm 5 foot 5, I was 19 stone 4 lb, I'm now HALF that (9 stone 9 lb!) and got here without exercising. Find me a better food plan that food optimising?! I think you'll find yourself unable. HAPPY TUESDAY BEAUTIFUL HUMANS! Have a GREAT day on plan, flex that will power and go to bed proud of yourself ❣️ 🔹 #slimmingworld#slimmingworlduk#iloveslimmingworld#slimmingworldinsta#foodoptimising#slimmingworldfollowers#slimmingworldtarget#targetmember#swtargetmember#slimmingworldtargetmember#weightloss#weightlossjourney#beforeandafter#weightlosstransformation

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Після такого перевтілення Гинли отримала заслужене звання «міс худенька — 2017» і, звичайно ж, тут же перетворилася в найбільш надихаючий приклад для всіх тих, хто худне. Вона все так само дотримується здорового харчування, а її вага завмер на позначці 63 кг.

#facetofacefriday On the left is a few days before I joined Slimming World, I was fed up, always exhausted and completely ruled by food. I remember taking that picture as sort of 'before', just to remember those days when I decided to rejoin. I felt embarrassed going back and rejoining heavier than ever but aren't I glad I did?! I was so fed up of wasting my life overweight. Well done to you January joiners, I didn't join until May, I failed a few more diets, tried SW from home and comfort ate for another four months after New Year! We all have those moments where we have to go THAT IS ENOUGH. If you have reached that point, never forget it because it will fuel you on when you have difficult days. I do it even now!! When I'm tempted by something that will take me off plan for no good reason I say to myself 'Jennifer don't you think you've had enough of *insert bad food* in your time?!'. I need that type of mental reasoning. It's not depriving myself, it's knowing when indulging is worth it for my own mentality. I NEVER want to feel out of control ever again and I simply won't let food ruin me the way it used too, I always have that little voice inside my head that reminds me 'it's only food Jen'. 👊😊 One thing I really hate (and I hate that word) is when assumptions are made that you're not enjoying yourself if you're not indulging in food. For example eating out and food optimising your way through it. OF COURSE you are enjoying yourself, you're with friends/family and fulfilling your hungers needs with delicious food. Do you need that 45 syn dessert to go home and know you've enjoyed yourself?! NO! Don't let anyone place their 'enjoying yourself' models onto you! Especially a naturally slim person who has never had food issues. Maybe they can go into a restaurant and order a 3 course mega syn meal and come out physically and mentally unscathed. I can without doubt do that now at at target (or in weight loss mode on special occasions) BUT it is difficult mentally to do that in weight loss mode without doing any damage. YOU CAN ENJOY your life whilst gaining control and health, and achieving you dreams with SW 💫💓

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Тепер і весілля не за горами: молодий чоловік Дженніфер нарешті зміг зробити їй пропозицію, і вона відповіла довгоочікуване «так».

Але все-таки головною зміною дівчина вважає дещо інше: «Вперше за довгі роки я нарешті знайшла упевненість в собі і зрозуміла, як довго прикривалася фальшивою посмішкою, приховуючи невдоволення собою. Контроль над вагою допоміг зробити величезний ривок як у фізичному, так і в психологічному розвитку. Тепер я відчуваю себе справжньою метеликом, вирвалася з кокона».

#mondaymotivation Photo on the left – March 2015, photo on the right – last Friday! A much healthier, happier, confident version of myself!! All thanks to @slimmingworld and my commitment to change! 💖 19 stone 4 lb ➡️ 9 stone 9 lb Size 24/26 ➡️ size 8/10 No control ➡️ control Fake smiles ➡️ true happiness I never dreamed I'd be confident enough to go out wearing a crop top! Your dreams really can be achieved if you try every single day. Losing weight is a mental battle and it is not easy at all! Very difficult but achievable. I spent years thinking I'd be overweight forever as I failed countless times. The evening of that before picture I had ripped that size 24 skirt as it was too tight, last weekend I had room in my size 8 skirt! I'm SO proud of myself and the cherry on he cake is that I've shared my whole journey and could possibly inspire others to believe in themselves! On Saturday I was voted Miss Slinky by my class members, that term makes me smile but it is SO true! It's great to now know as a young girl I can dress for my fashion sense, not to hide myself! I definitely feel confident and Slinky thanks to SW ❣️ It doesn't happen overnight but it does happen if you put in the effort daily. WILLPOWER IS LIKE A MUSCLE, THE MORE YOU USE IT THE STRONGER IT GETS 💪👗👌 #slimmingworld#slimmingworlduk#iloveslimmingworld#slimmingworldinsta#foodoptimising#slimmingworldfollowers#slimmingworldtarget#achievedtarget#weighinresults#targetmember#swtargetmember#slimmingworldtargetmember#weightloss#weightlossjourney#beforeandafter#weightlosstransformation#transformation#weightlossmotivation#bodytransformation#weightlossinspiration#greatestloser2016#womanoftheyear2016#missslinky#losthalfmybodyweight#weightlossblogger#weightlosstip#thisgirlcan#missslinky2016

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